Virtual School

virtual classroom

This work was part of a project called “Adaptive Ambience Technology in the Preschool Classroom for Children Exposed to Trauma”, funded by a Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs (BETHA) grant awarded to PI Kevin Passino (ECE) and seven faculty collaborators (listed below).

The goal of the project was, “to reduce trauma-induced stress in vulnerable children by developing adaptive ambience technology for the preschool classroom. In doing so, we will document the stress levels in a diverse classroom of children aged 3 to 5 years and measure the impact of adaptive ambiance on stress reduction for children.”

As part of the project, we proposed to develop a proof-of-concept system that would allow us to try out light and speaker placement in a virtual version of the classroom.

Virtual speaker and lighting functionality was developed using the TDAI Meeting room space in 2019. Shortly thereafter in 2020, the COVID pandemic made the classroom space mostly inaccessible.

We were able to quickly access the space briefly, capturing a handful of 360 photos of the room to use to model a 3D version of the room. This was completed in Spring of 2021 by Design graduate student Emily Subr.

Graduate Students:

  • Emily Subr (Design): 3D modeling of school room

BETHA Grant Co-investigators:

  • PI: Kevin Passino (ECE)
  • Abel Koury (EHE)
  • Kelly Boone (EHE)
  • Anneliese Johnson (EHE)
  • Oliva Diaz Melgarejo (Crane Center)
  • Emre Ertin (ECE)
  • Matthew Lewis (Design/ACCAD)
  • Shelby Spare Werner (Bethel Olentangy Psychological Services)

Project support:

  • Battelle BETHA grant (2019)