photos animated by mocap body

Web3D online and projected installation

An experimental photography gallery…

A random collection of images captured over a period of several years with a low resolution watch camera are tethered to the artist’s captured motion.

Markers become memories with the Z-buffer struggling to resolve their depth as best as it can…

This piece was part of the 2003 Web3D Art Gallery and travelled to the following locations:

  • France, St. Malo - Web3D Symposium (8th Int. Conf. on Web3D Technology)
  • UK, Manchester - Cornerhouse Contemporary Art Center
  • UK, London - ICA London Media Centre
  • UK, Briston - Watershed
  • UK, Huddersfield - Media Centre, Media Lounge
  • UK, Lancaster - Folly Gallery
  • Australia, Adelaide - Experimental Art Foundation
  • Macedonia, Skopje - Center of Contemporary Art