Output from the RQMD code at E895 energies

Heng Liu has been running RQMD at LBL for E895 energies with meanfield on and off (this means toggling switch 23). All other switches were default.

Importantly, Switch 16 was .true., which means that resonances are not forced to decay at the end of the calculation. This is good, since otherwise you can get a big spike in the time emission pattern of, say, pions. When doing HBT, for example, it is important to decay these resonances by hand (e.g. there is an undecayed eta meson for every 20 piminus at the end of the calculation)-- this reduces the lambda parameter in HBT.

For a very nice web page about RQMD, see Heinz Sorge's homepage.


If you are just starting, you should take a look at the yields of particles for each energy with meanfield on and off.

"Final" pions from RQMD

If you looked at the yields, then you saw lots of things that are still there in RQMD that will eventually decay into pions.
We have a code to decay those unstable particles by hand to wind up with the final negative pions. Go here for a discussion.

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