Steve MacEachern


  • Mario Peruggia, Catherine Forbes (Monash University) and I have begun work on an NSF award, Bayesian empirical likelihood: Data analytic tools with applications in econometrics. The grant runs through 2022 and will involve students from both Monash University and The Ohio State University. If interested in the project, contact one of us

  • I was recently appointed Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor (announcement) and have been reappointed for a second term as Chair of the Department

  • Former student Juhee Lee received tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Bill Darnieder, former student, is currently serving as President of the Columbus Chapter of the American Statistical Association Chapter web site

  • Hang Joon Kim, a former student, was selected as an Arts and Sciences Rising Star at the University of Cincinnati

  • Subha Guha, a former student, has moved to the Biostatistics Department at the University of Florida

  • Yoonsuh Jung, a former student, has returned to join the faculty of his alma mater, Korea University


    Through time, I've had a chance to work with a wonderful batch of PhD students. For a full list of those I've advised, click on the link above (Students). Imminent graduates who may be interested in a position include those below:

    • Jiae Kim, advised in parallel with Yoonkyung Lee

    • Hengrui Luo, co-advised with Mario Peruggia

    • Min Ho Cho, co-advised with Sebastian Kurtek