Steve MacEachern



PhD Students

  • Christopher A. Bush (1994) (with Mark Berliner), Semi-parametric Bayesian linear models, Novartis

  • Craig A. Cooley (1996), Bayesian and nonparametric models in the classification problem, Deceased

  • Ling (Amy) Qin (1998), Nonparametric Bayesian models for item response data, Novartis

  • Iyue Sung (2001), Importance sampling kernel density estimation, athenaHealth

  • Subharup Guha (2004) (with Mario Peruggia), Benchmark estimation for Markov chain Monte Carlo samplers, Associate Professor, University of Missouri

  • Kristin (Blenk) Duncan (2004), Case and covariate influence: implications for model assessment, Assistant Professor, San Diego State University

  • Juan Du (2006), Judgement post-stratification for designed experiments, SAS

  • Qingzhao Yu (2006) (with Mario Peruggia), Bayesian model synthesis, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University

  • Shiling Ruan (2007) (with Angela Dean), Poisson race models for conjoint choice analysis: Theory and applications, FDA

  • Zhen Wang (2009), Semiparametric Bayesian models extending weighted least squares, Lubrizol Corporation

  • Yoonsuh Jung (2010) (with Yoonkyung Lee), Case-specific regularization methods, Lecturer (Assistant Professor equivalent) University of Waikato, New Zealand

  • Ju Hee Lee (2010), Robust statistical modeling through nonparametric Bayesian methods, Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Cruz

  • William Darnieder (2011), Bayesian methods for data-dependent priors, JP Morgan Chase

  • Pingbo Lu (2012) (with Xinyi Xu), Calibrated Bayes factors for model selection and model averaging, Alliance Data

  • Hang Joon Kim (2012), The generalized multiset sampler: theory and its application, Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke/NISS

  • Agniva Som (2014) (with Chris Hans), Paradoxes and priors in Bayesian regression, Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University

  • John Lewis (2014) (with Yoonkyung Lee), Bayesian restricted likelihood methods, Sandia National Laboratories

  • Jingjing Yan (2014) (with Elly Kaizar), Hierarchical random-effect meta-analysis of binary events investigating the relation between treatment effect and underlying risk

  • Zhiguang Xu (2014) (with Xinyi Xu), Modeling non-Gaussian time-correlated data using nonparametric Bayesian method, J.P. Morgan Chase

  • Rex Hu (2015) (with Joe Verducci, standing in for Tao Shi), Initializing the EM algorithm for data clustering and subpopulation detection

Current PhD Students

  • Jiayin Zheng (with Xinyi Xu), Bayesian model selection and model averaging

  • Jieyi Jiang (with Yoonkyung Lee), Cross-validation for model choice

  • Andrew Bean (with Xinyi Xu), Improving nonparametric Bayesian density estimation

  • Jeff Gory (with Peter Craigmile), Generalized linear mixed models

  • Meng Li, Separation of modelling and inference in multiple testing settings