A Conference in Analysis


Boris Mityagin's Photo

"A Conference in Analysis" was held at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, from Tuesday, October 12, 1999 through Saturday, October 16, 1999.

Organizing Committee: Vitaly Bergelson, Dan Burghelea, Joe Diestel, and Paul Nevai [chair]

The purpose of the conference was to bring together distinguished mathematicians in a number of areas of analysis such as Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Operator Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Banach Spaces, and Approximation Theory, with young researchers and graduate students. The conference topics are closely related to the research subjects which our friend and colleague Boris Mityagin has studied during his forty year long mathematical career.

The speaker were Yuri Brudnyi, Ronald A. DeVore, Alexander Dynin, Per Enflo, Ciprian Ilie Foias, Theodore W. Gamelin, Evgenii A. Gorin, William B. Johnson, Thomas Kappeler, Yitzhak Katznelson, Boris Korenblum, Anatolii Kostioutchenko, Vitali Milman, Nikolai K. Nikolski, Sergey Novikov, Alexander Pelczynski, Vladimir M. Tikhomirov, Dietmar Vogt, Alexander Volberg, Vyaceslav Zahariuta, and Nahum Zobin.

The list of particpiants is given here.

The conference was supported by funds from the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications at Minnesota, the International Mathematical Research Institute at Ohio State, and the National Science Foundation.

Subject to availability of funds, we provided partial financial support for some of the participants. Priority was given to [North American based] graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s.

Those who wished to be placed on the e-mail list of the conference should have sent a message to nevai@math.ohio-state.edu. Up-to-date information was [and will be] be posted on this web page.


N.B. All the talks were held in the 7th floor lounge of the math department [MW 724], and they lasted approximately 50 minutes each.

     10/12/99	 10/13/99	10/14/99	10/15/99	10/16/99
     Tuesday	 Wednesday	Thursday	Friday		Saturday

09:00 ============== coffee/tea/bagels/juice/refreshments ===============

Chair Nevai	 Sundaresan	Bergelson	Xie		Mityagin

09:30 		 DeVore		Novikov		Korenblum	Enflo
10:00 Opening
      by Milman
10:30 Tikhomirov Gamelin	Foias		Vogt		Pelczynski

11:30 Nikolski	 Milman		Kostioutchenko	Gorin		Johnson

12:20 =========================== lunch break ===========================

14:00 ===== coffee/tea/cookies/fruits [except Thursday & Saturday] ======

Chair Nazarov	 Bimpeh		 Kovrijkine	Cwikel

14:30 Volberg	 Brudnyi	Zobin		Katznelson

15:30 Kappeler	 Dynin		Dept Tea	Zahariuta

16:30				Colloquium	
				by C. Foias
17:00 Reception			[in UH 014]

18:15				Banquet

Titles of Talks [P = projector, B = blackboard]

Yuri Brudnyi [B]	 The "Main Problem" of interpolation space theory:
			 dreams and reality
Ronald A. DeVore [P]	 The Averaging Lemma and new thoughts on interpolation
			 of operators
Alexander Dynin [P]	 Nuclear Spaces: Past, Present and Future
			 Abstract: Among the initial subjects of the
			 B. Mityagin mathematical research we find the nuclear
			 vector spaces. They had been introduced by
			 A. Grothendieck in 1951 (thus we are close to another
			 anniversary to celebrate).
			 In this non-technical lecture I shall highlight
			 Boris' results about them in the context of the
			 "golden years" of Moscow mathematical school.
			 After the early fascination with the nuclear spaces,
			 they have almost moved to limbo. However they are
			 destined to have an essential role in the future
			 analysis in infinite dimensions, rather than the less
			 flexible Banach spaces.
			 The lecture should be accessible for graduate
Per Enflo [B]		 Extremal vectors and invariant subspaces
Ciprian Ilie Foias [P]	 Ramsey Equilibria in Economics
			 Abstract: This will be a survey of the work done by
			 R.A. Becker and the speaker, on a model introduced by
			 the former as a mathematical metaphor for the
			 economical ideas of F. Ramsey.
Theodore W. Gamelin	 Uniform algebras and Banach spaces
Eugeni A. Gorin [B]	 Universal symbols on locally compact Abelian groups
William B. Johnson [P]	 Affine approximation of Lipschitz functions
Thomas Kappeler	[B]	 Birkhoff coordinates for KdV and applications
Yitzhak Katznelson [B]	 Chromatic numbers of Cayley graphs and recurrence
Boris Korenblum	[P/B]	 Jensen-type inequalities and radial null sets
Anatolii Kostioutchenko	 Stability of the top with cavity filled with a
		[P]	 viscous fluid
Vitali Milman [B]	 A concept of Concentration on Probability Spaces
Nikolai K. Nikolski [B]	 Recent progress in the similarity problem
Sergey Novikov [P]	 Graphs: Scattering and Solitons
Alexander Pelczynski [P] Riesz-Sobolev projections
Vladimir M. Tikhomirov	 Optimal methods of approximation and recovery of
	 	[P/B]	 smooth and analytic functions
Dietmar Vogt [B]	 On the space of real analytic functions
Alexander Volberg [P]	 Noncommutative weighted estimates and sharp bounds
			 for vector paraproducts
Vyaceslav Zahariuta [B]	 Linear topological invariants
Nahum Zobin [B]		 Whitney's problem and Fourier Analysis in Fock space

Conference Reception

When:  17:00 on October 12, 1999
Where: MW 724 - the 7th floor lounge of the math department

Conference Banquet

When:  18:15 to 20:30 on October 14, 1999 (cash bar from 17:30 to 19:00)
Where: the 11th floor Buckeye Room #IV of Holiday Inn on Lane
Phone: 1-614-294-4848
Note:  max 60 participants
Menu:  fresh garden greens salad, table service of dressings, Chicken
       Holderbaum (boneless breast of chicken encasing creamy Swiss cheese and
       pine nuts and graced with luscious Mornay sauce), redskin potato[e]s,
       fresh broccoli, strawberry mousse
Vegetarian Menu: same as above with the chicken thing replaced by pasta
       (tortellini with marinara sauce]
Note:  Notify Paul Nevai concerning special diet such as kosher/vegetarian/etc.

Access to E-mail

The participants are allowed to use Telnet on the Macintoshes which can be found in our departmental computer rooms in MW705, MW 605, MW 505, MW 405, and MW 305. These rooms are kept locked but the participants may ask our colleagues to unlock these rooms for them. It is imperative that after using the computers, our guest make sure that the doors are closed and locked. We provide absolutely no technical support although our guest may ask anyone who is willing to show them how to start up Telnet. It is basically a no-brainer job, and it only requires elementary skills and the knowledge of the name of one's regular computer in conjunction with one's normal user name and password.

Application: MacBlue Telnet
Menu: File
Command: Open Connection
Session Name: enter your computer's name

Useful Information

Ohio State Campus map and other useful info [go to the bottom of the page], the Columbus weather forecast - Columbus Supersite - Columbus - Columbus Now [map magazine] - Columbus pages - The Columbus Dispatch - Ohio

FYI, the coldest/warmest between between 10/12 and 10/16 was 24F/90F [-4C/32C] in 1987/1939.


Limited free parking is available at Fawcett Center which is less than a mile away from our Department. There is plenty of paid parking on the Campus, but, alas, it is not easy to find one which is unoccupied.


If you were promised [partial] payment for your conference related hotel expenses, please see Ms. Radcliff [see below] during the conference, and please provide her with the relevant information such as copies of our correspondence where it is described the kind of support you will be given [if you are a speaker then this is unnecessary], hotel info, and so forth.

If you were promised [partial] payment for your transportation, please see Ms. Radcliff during the conference and show her your ticket. Ms. Radcliff will need your home address and, maybe, your SSN or passport number. Please ask her directly about the information needed.

Ms. Radcliff will consult the organizers how much to pay. Eventually, if we are to reimburse you for some of your expenses, you will receive a check sent to your home address. If you don't get the monies within a reasonable period of time, say 6 weeks, then please consult Ms. Radcliff.

Please keep in mind that if we pay your hotel directly then it will be significantly cheaper since there will be no sales tax. Nevertheless, if you wish, we can pay directly to you the amount we promised you.

The organizers will be busy doing many things during and after the conference, including teaching their classes and attending the lectures so that they will have very little time if any at all dealing with matters of financial nature. Hence, all financial issues must be addressed directly to Ms. Radcliff.

On the other hand, Ms. Radcliff will deal only with financial matters so please do not ask her for any other favors.

Marilyn Radcliff
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
231 W 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone:  1-614-292-3317
Fax:    1-614-292-1479
E-mail: radcliff@math.ohio-state.edu
Office: MA 110 - please ask the receptionist how to find it


Holiday Inn on Lane (1-614-294-4848) set aside a block of rooms at a discounted rate of $79 [reference: Functional Analysis Conference]. Contact Daren Lehman (darenlehman@holidayinnosu.com). The hotel is about 0.5 mile (0.8 km) northwest from our department. They have complimentary transportation to and from the airport.

In addition...

Cross Country Inn, North (1-614-267-4646 and 1-800-621-1429). The rooms are about $58 to $66 [+ they have an approximately 9% AAA discount]. This motel is about 2.2 miles (3.5 km) northwest from our department (there is a free Campus Bus service every 15 minutes, and it is a short walk from the hotel to the bus stop).

Ramada University Hotel (1-614-267-7461 ext 653) offers complimentary transportation to and from campus and the airport. Contact Betsy Robinson (ramadaosu@aol.com). Ask for the special rate of $79 (Mathematics - LMA). This hotel is about 2 miles (3.2 km) northwest from our department (there is a free Campus Bus service every 15 minutes, and it is a short walk from the hotel to the bus stop).

Red Roof Inn (1-614-267-9941 and 1-800-843-766) is about $65 per room. This motel is about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) northwest from our department (there is a free Campus Bus service every 15 minutes and the motel is next to the bus stop).

Victorian Bed & Breakfast (1-614-299-1656) is at 78 Smith Place which is about 1 mile [1.6 km] south from our department. The [very spacious] rooms are about $60 to $85 depending on the number of occupants. This place is also a short walking distance from the downtown area.