Advances in Graph and Matroid Theory

December 13-16, 2003

Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University


A conference in honour of Neil Robertson's 65th birthday

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Sat. Dec 13
Sun. Dec 14
Mon. Dec 15
Tues. Dec 16

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Over the last three decades, Neil Robertson, his Ph.D. students, and his collaborators have made fundamental contributions in the areas of graphs and matroids. As friends and colleagues of Neil, we are most pleased to announce that an international conference on "Advances in Graph and Matroid Theory" will be held in his honour on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The Ohio State University in Columbus, Neil's home institution for over thirty years, will host the conference on December 13-16, 2003.

The conference will bring together the many active research collaborators of Neil Robertson. It is intended to foster numerous mathematical issues that are important to present-day graph theory. Fundamental topics in graph theory like connectivity, surface and spatial embeddings, well-quasi ordering, and chromatic theory find common links through their structural features. The close subject of matroid theory will also be represented at the conference.


The conference is supported in part by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the Mathematics Research Institute of the Ohio State University.

Graduate Students Welcome

We strongly encourage participants to submit names of graduate students whom you think would benefit from attending the conference. Please include their e-mail address and current level of dissertation work. We will support recommended students for food and lodging (as much as meals per diem and sharing a room at the Blackwell). Support is also available for new Ph.D.'s.

Lodging for  Participants

The Blackwell

The host hotel for the conference is now "The Blackwell Inn" on the OSU campus. It is a new hotel within the complex of buildings at the Fisher School of Business. Blackwell is affiliated with the university and is located on the north edge of campus, only three blocks from  the math tower and the adjacent EA Building where the conference will be held.

From its web site ( you can read that
“The Blackwell Inn is an upscale hotel …, featuring the very best in guest service and comfort, and the highest levels of technology and resources.”
The University Plaza Hotel and Conference Center is no longer the conference host hotel.

Reservations at The Blackwell Inn for the nights of Dec. 12 -15, 2003, can be made either by
Telephone 1-866-247-4003 (toll-free) or by E-mail to:
For the conference block rates to apply (@ $89/night)

  1. Do not make your reservations through the Internet. Use one of the methods above.
  2. State that you are with the "MATH CONFERENCE."
  3. Reserve by November 13!

The Blackwell will ask, when you make a reservation, for your:

Airport Transportation
can be scheduled up to 48 hours prior to arrival by calling the toll-free reservation number 1-866-247-4003 (same as above) or the front desk at 1-614-247-4000.


Welcoming Reception
There will be a mixer on Friday night in the Math Tower Lounge (MW 724) from 7-9 pm.

Conference Dinner (Just Arranged!)
On Saturday at 7pm, we will have a dinner at the China Dynasty Restaurant (1677 W. Lane Avenue) in the Lane Avenue Shopping Center. The dinner (except for alcoholic beverages) will be sponsored by the conference. We will provide round-trip car transportation from the Blackwell, starting around 6:30 pm. Gather in the lobby near the main entrance.

Dessert Party
There will be a dessert party at the Dowling residence on Sunday night.

Conference Banquet
A banquet will be held Monday evening, December 15 in Pfahl Hall adjacent to the Blackwell Inn. It will be preceded by a reception at 6:30 pm and followed by remarks in tribute to Neil.

Survivors Party
There will be a Survivors Party at the Robertson's residence on Tuesday evening, December 16, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 


Please address conference e-mail, including titles and abstracts, to:

Tom Dowling <>
Dijen Ray-Chaudhuri <>
John Maharry <>

Department of Mathematics Ohio State University
231 West 18th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1174
614-292-4975 (department phone)
614-292-1479 (department FAX)


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