Geometry and Topology in Dimensions 3 and 4

                                                                      March 28-30, 2002, Columbus, Ohio


The conference is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and The Ohio State University.

There is no registration fee, but please complete the registration form when you come in and pick up the (or make your own) name tag, in the 7th floor lounge (MW 724) of the Math Tower.  MW 724 is the gathering place between talks, where refreshment will be served (Thursday 10:30 - 6:00, Friday and Saturday 8:00 -- 6:00).

All talks will be in the auditorium in Math Annex (EA 160), which is  connected to Math Tower, please follow the signs posted on the wall. The talk schedule is tentative and is subject to small permutations.

If you will be staying at Holiday Inn or University Plaza Hotel, please check out the info at the very bottom of this page.
During their visit, the following mathematicians will use the offices in Math Tower:

Harold Donnelly (Purdue) : MW 748
Liviu Nicolaescu (Notre Dame): MW 714
John Morgan (Columbia): MW 614
Marc Culler (U Ill Chicago): MW 606
Feng Luo (Rutgers) :  MW 552
Jurgen Jost (Max-Planck)  : MW 524
Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard): MW 536
Gregory Margulis (Yale): MW 416
Walter Neumann (Columbia): MW 434
Richard Hamilton (Columbia): MW 446

Please feel free to talk to them.

Thursday, March 28:

The room MW 724 opens at 10:30, and close around 6:00.

11:30 -- 2:00,   Lunch at the Faculty Club. (Please note the extended lunch hours).

1:30 -- 2:30,   Mike Davis (Ohio State):  Andreev's Theorem and Euler characteristics of 4-manifolds.

3:00 -- 4:00,   Dan Burghelea (Ohio State):  Laplace transform, spectral geometry and topology.

4:30 -- 5:30,    Liviu Nicolaescu (Notre Dame):   Seiberg-Witten invariants and surface singularities.

6:00 -- 9:00,    Dinner at the Faculty Club.

Friday, March 29:

8:00 -- 8:30,   Breakfast in MW 724.

8:30 -- 9:30,   Ruth Charney (Ohio State):  Affine braid groups

10:00 --11:00,   Marc Culler (UIC):  Smallish knots and triangulations of non-Haken 3-manifolds.

11:30 -- 1:00,   Lunch at the Faculty Club.

1:30 -- 2:30,   Feng Luo (Rutgers):   Some recent developments in Dehn-Thurston theory of curves on surfaces.

3:00 -- 4:00,  Richard Hamilton (Columbia):  Geometric estimate for logarithmic porous medium equation.

4:30 -- 5:30,  Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard):  Construction of some symplectic manifolds

6:00 -- 9:00,    Dinner at the Holiday Inn on Lane  Avenue. (The cash bar for drinks will open til 7:00).

9:00 -- , party at Mike and Wanda Davis' house, all are welcome. (6635 Masefield Dr, Worthington).



Saturday, March 30:

8:00 -- 8:30,   Breakfast in MW 724.

8:30 -- 9:30,   Gregory Margulis (Yale):  Discrete groups of affine transformations.

10:00 --11:00,   Jurgen Jost (Max-Planck-Leipzig):  Variational problems from QFT

11:30 -- 1:00,   Lunch in MW 724

1:30 -- 2:30,   John Morgan (Columbia):  Moduli spaces of K3 surfaces, and of principal $G$-bundles over elliptic curves --a comparison.

3:00 -- 4:00,   Walter Neumann (Columbia):   3-manifolds, singularities, and Hilbert class fields.

4:30 -- 5:30, Harold Donnelly (Purdue):   Bounds for eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on compact Riemannian manifolds.

6:30 -- 9:30,  Banquet at China Dynasty on 161 (1930 E. Dublin-Granville Rd).  The bus leave the 18th + Neil (50 yards to Math Tower) at 6:00pm.

All speakers, local hosts, and people under our support will have lunches and dinners together. Other participants who want to join us please contact Zheng (, 614-292-0842): before March 21 for all three lunches and dinners on Thursday and Friday, we will try to accommodate everyone until we reach the upper bound of the reservation.  For the Saturday dinner, please sign up with Zheng before the end  of Friday, March 29, and write a check of 30 dollars payable to Fangyang Zheng.

Contact Information

Office: MW 512
Phone: 614-292-0842
Fax: 614-292-1479 (dept)
Mailing address:
Department of Mathematics
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210 -1174

Travel and Hotel

           The Columbus International Airport (CMH) is about 20 minute from OSU campus. Take Freeway 67
(west) and it will later become Freeway 315 north, exit at Lane Avenue, turn right (east) and pass two lights,
turn right onto Tuttle Park Place, pass two lights you will see the famed Horseshoe on your left side, while the
parking garage (the Tuttle Place Garage) is on your left side. The parking fee is 6.50 for a day.  The Math
Department is about 100 yards in front of you, near the corner of Neil Aveue and the 18th Avenue.  (The
street address is 231 West 18th Avenue. It's a 7 story red brick building). For directions to campus, see


            If you are driving, downtown Columbus is right near the intersection point of  Interstate 70 and 71.  The
OSU campus is located about 3 miles in the northwest direction of downtown, the central campus is bounded by
High Street and  the Olentagy River Road from east and west, and by the Lane Avenue, and the 9th Avenue
from north and south.

            For campus area hotels, please see


(Holiday Inn on the Lane, Fawcet Center are within walking distance to campus. University Plaza Hotel has
free shuttle to and from campus. Some hotels also has free shuttle service to and from the campus, please
inquire when making the room reservations.

Holiday Inn on the Lane (294-4848):   There is a courtesy phone at the luggage claim area at the airport, please call   and  ask for them to pick you up. The service is free and runs between 7:00 am through 10:30 pm. If you take a cab, their address is :   328 West Lane Avenue.

University Plaza Hotel (267-7461). Their street address is: 3110 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio  43202. If you are at the airport,  please use a payphone to call the toll free number 877-677-5292 and ask them to pick you up. Their shuutle service is free and runs from 7:00am to 10:00pm.