Geometry and Analysis on Manifolds

March 26 - 28, 2004

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Dan Burghelea

Dept. of Mathematics
The Ohio State University

Conference Organizers

                                                     Crichton Ogle, OSU (Chair)
                                                     T. Kappeler, Univ. Zurich
                                                     L. Friedlander, Univ. Arizona
                                                     G. Mislin, ETHZ
                                                     S. Novikov, Univ. Maryland and Landau Inst., Moscow

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The mathematical career of Dan Burghelea covers more than 40 years and includes major contributions to many different mathematical areas, including algebraic, differential and geometric topology, $K$-theory and cyclic homology, geometric analysis, index theory and $L^2$ cohomology. During the past 10 years his work has primarily focused on determinants of elliptic operators, $L^2$ torsion and the topology/geometry of closed 1-forms arising in Morse-Novikov Theory. This conference, in celebration of his 60th birthday, focuses on new developments in the study of $L^2$ invariants associated with the geometry and topology of manifolds and related problems.


The conference is supported in part by a grant from the Mathematics Research Institute of the Ohio State University (NSF support pending).

Graduate Students Welcome

We strongly encourage participants to submit names of graduate students whom they think would benefit from attending the conference. Please include their e-mail address and current level of dissertation work. We will support recommended students for food and lodging (as much as meals per diem and sharing a room) and some travel expenses. Support is also available for new Ph.D.'s.

Important Note: The location of the lectures has been changed to the Math Biology Inst. Lecture Hall, on the second floor of the old Math Building. The coffee and registration will be there as well.

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