Math Research Institute Programs, 1998-1999

Workshop in Singularity Theory

The Ohio State University, Department of Mathematics will organize a small workshop in singularity theory. The main focus will be the theory of normal surface singularities, three-fold singularities, rational singularities, and their connections with global geometry, toric varieties, line bundles, linear series, vanishing theorems.

The workshop will be organized in the period 14-15 November, 1998.

The (tentative) program of the workshop is the following.

Saturday, Nov. 14, Room EA160:
9:00-9:30 Tea, cookies
9:30-10:30 J. Wahl: Integral homology sphere links and
complex surface singularities.
11:00-12:30 S. S.-T. Yau: Sharp upper estimate of number of
integral points in 4 dimensional tetrahedra
and its applications on singularities.
12:30-2:00PM Break (for lunch)
2:00-3:00PM V. Shokurov: Toward a classification of log contractions.
3:30-4:30PM I. Dolgachev: McKay correspondence.
5:00-~6:00PM Three student-presentations (each 15-20 minutes):
F. Ambro: On the stability of non-vanishing and base point freeness.
J. Cogolludo: Arrangements of lines and quadrics.
I. Cheltsov: Singularities of log pairs on hypersurfaces of degree n in Pn.
7:00- Dinner

Sunday, Nov. 15, Room EA160:
9:00-10:00 U. Persson: Pencils of K-3 and abelian surfaces
10:20-11:20 Meeyoung Kim: On branched coverings of
homogeneous spaces
11:40-12:40 A. Libgober: Invariants of plane curve singularities
from abelian covers.

We invite and support also some students (the invited speakers will bring their graduate students), but we also plan to invite people (without support) from everywhere.

The list of the participating students (not from OSU) is the following: J. Cogolludo, N. Krylov, Florin Ambro, Ivan Cheltsov, Jihun Park, Ke-Pao Lin.

Some guests of the workshop: M. de Cataldo, S. Kovacs.

Contact Andras Nemethi for further details.

General Information

The workshop will be held on the campus of the Ohio State University in the Math Annex (EA) next to the Mathematics Tower (MW). See maps below: