USHCNv2 data through 3/09, unzipped to .TXT format

File 9641C_200904_F52.avg.gz from, un-Gzipped to .txt format using WinRAR. (14.4 MB)

This text file, named here 9641C_200904_F52_avg.txt, may be viewed in MS Windows Explorer as described in the readme.txt file on the NOAA ftp site. If downloaded, it may be viewed in MS WORD as a 3321 page document, provided PAGE SETUP-Landscape is selected (or else font size is reduced) to prevent lines from breaking. It can be opened in MS Notepad, but Notepad can't figure out the end-of-line marks.

See the file ushcn-stations.txt on the NOAA ftp site for a list of station codes and composite stations when applicable.

Converted by J. Huston McCulloch for reader convenience, with no warranty implied.

See Climate Audit posts The Talking Points Memo and USHCN V2 Deletions and Additions for preliminary discussion.

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