Teaching and mentoring experiences

Reginald McGee Teaching 2017

I have been Instructor of Record for MATH3607 Beginning Scientific Computing at The Ohio State University; MA250/STAT250 Problem Solving in Probability and MA232 Calculus for the Life Sciences II, both at Purdue University.

My course evaluations for Purdue's MA161, MA232, and MA250 and OSU's MATH3607 can be found here .

Sample course materialss for MA250 and MA232 can be found below:
MA250 Sample exam
MA232 Sample quiz
MA232 Exam 3 practice problems

I have worked with the GERI Super Saturday program at Purdue University working with accelerated fifth and sixth graders. As a part of this program I designed a six week curriculum introducing the students to forms of alternative energy.

I volunteered to design a project for MATH 1156 Calculus for the Biological Sciences at Ohio State.

I have been actively involved with mentoring when not teaching. I have served as a mentor and graduate coordinator for the Purdue SROP program and as a research group mentor for the US-Canadian Institutes Summer school held at MBI in summer 2016.