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Session Presenters’ Information


            As a presenter at the OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, you will have access to both a computer and projector for PowerPoint presentations and an overhead projector for transparency presentations.  In addition, you can make use of the following supplies, also provided by the Symposium staff:


laser pointer



remote slide changer for powerpoint presentations

Press and hold to escape out of slideshow mode.



Press and hold to put presentation in

slideshow mode.




When it is your time to present, approach the front of the room and begin setting up for your talk. 


PowerPoint Presentation

The computer in the room will already have your talk downloaded to it by the Symposium staff, if you uploaded it by the required deadline (i.e. midnight the night before your scheduled talk).  The desktop of the computer will look like this:



Open the folder with your talk name (i.e. FA01) and double click on the presentation file.  Remember that if you are using PowerPoint, you should put your presentation in slideshow mode in order to view it in full screen.  Note: the remote clicker will only work with a PowerPoint file in slideshow mode.


Transparency presentation

Make sure your session chair has blacked out the computer screen before you begin by selecting the BLACK SCREEN.pps file.  Turn on overhead projector to begin.



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