MICHAEL C. HEAVEN, JOSHUA H. BARTLETT, Department of Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322.

The low-lying 3 Delta1 state of ThF+ has advantageous properties for studies of the electron electric dipole moment. Calculations indicate that internal fields as high as 90 GV/cm can be generated, and there is just one isotope of ThF with significant natural abundance. Previous experiments show two low-lying electronic states of ThF+ spaced by 315 cm-1 (JCP 136, 104305 (2012)). These are 1 Sigma and 3 Delta1, but the ordering is still in question. Experiments are in progress to determine the electronic angular momentum of the ground state.

Laser excitation spectra for ThF+ have been recorded for transitions in the 19300-21100 cm-1 range. For eEDM studies it is technically more convenient to work with lower energy transitions. Survey spectra covering the range 15000-19000 cm-1 are currently being recorded. Results from these measurements will be presented and their relevance to possible eEDM studies will be discussed.