Moving the Symposium into the electronic age has been a major effort. It involves electronic abstract submission (EAS), automated program organization (APO), and preliminary program availability (PAW) on the WWW. This change would never have been possible without the tireless efforts of several dedicated people.

The Chair of the Symposium wishes to make a special acknowledgement to Sergey Panov. The implementation of EAS, APO and PAW would have been impossible without his ingenious and tireless efforts. This project required remarkable computer skills and a deep understanding of the needs of the spectroscopy community. Sergey Panov has ably displayed both of these in this effort.

Becky Gregory, program assistant, deserves special praise for all the work she has put into the program and especially for her ability to work through the inevitable bugs in any new computerized system.

I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of the computer staff of the Chemistry Department, Steve Parker, John Nielsen and Gerhard Raimann.

Finally, I want to thank the International Advisory and the Executive Committees for their help as beta testers.
Terry A. Miller
Symposium Chair.

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