YANGSOO KIM, JULIAN FLENIKEN AND HENNING MEYER, Department of Physics and Astronomy, \newline University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-2451.

\noindent In our recent work on NO-Ar complexes we have shown how the rotational structure of the two-photon spectra can be analyzed in terms of the spherical tensor components of the two-photon absorption operator characteristic to the transition in the bare NO molecule.a,b Due to spectral congestion we have not yet been able to analyze the NO-Ar spectra in the region of the Rydberg states F2Delta and H2Sigma , H' 2Pi . In this contribution, we will present the analogous results for the NO-Ne complex. Because of the weaker interaction, the various band systems correlating with the Rydberg states C2Pi (vNO=1,2, and 4), E2Sigma , F 2Delta , and H2Sigma , H'2Pi are well separated from each other. Apart from the H state for which a five membered stretch progression is observed, the spectra assigned to the lower Rydberg states show only transitions to two stretch vibrational levels. Spectra associated with the vibrational levels of the C2Pi state show very different predissociation behavior compared to the corresponding NO-Ar spectra. The results indicate important differences in electronic state mixing between the C2Pi and B2Pi states upon complexation.

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\noindent aH. Meyer, J. Chem. Phys. \underline107, 7732(1997).

\noindent bH. Meyer, J. Chem. Phys. \underline107, 7721(1997).