Printing file

In order to print you ought to have Post-Script printer connected to your system.


To print *.ps file in a DOS environment, issue the following command at the DOS command prompt:

COPY printer

Where "printer" indicates the parallel printer port ( LPT1,LPT2, LPT3, PRN ) that the printer is attached.


To print *.ps file in a UNIX(if you have Post Script printer available on it ), use the "lpr" command in one of the following form:


if the printer you want to print that file on is the default printer, and:

lpr -P printername

where "printername" is a name of the Post Script printer on your system. If your UNIX system does not have "lpr" command or you not sure if you can print Post Script files on it, ask you system administrator to help you.

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Last Update: Wed. April 8, 1998