Plenary Speakers

Jose Cernicharo, CSIC
John Hepburn, University of Waterloo
Gerard Meijer, University of Nijmegen
Frederic Merkt, ETH Zurich
David Nesbitt, University of Colorado
Timothy Steimle, Arizona State University
Martin Gruebele, University of Illinois - Coblentz Award Winner

Special Sessions

Several special mini-symposia are planned for this year's meeting. Wolfgang Ernst, Penn State University, is organizing a session entitled "Jahn-Teller/Renner-Teller" which will cover the classical Jahn-Teller and Renner-Teller effects as well as other vibronic interactions. Invited speakers will include: Horst Koeppel, University of Heidelberg; Anthony Merer, University of British Columbia; and Timothy Barckholtz, JILA. A second mini-symposium is being organized by Michael Duncan, University of Georgia, on the subject of "Metal Complexes" from diatomics to moderately large clusters. Invited speakers for this mini-symposium include: Paul Dagdigian, Johns Hopkins University; and Gert von Helden, University of Nijmegen. A third mini-symposium is being organized by John Maier, University of Basel, on "Negative Ions." The symposium will cover both experiments and theory involving negative ions. Invited speakers will include Carl Lineberger, University of Colorado, and Jack Simons, University of Utah. A session on theory is being organized by Russell Pitzer, Ohio State University, featuring a talk by Michael Robb, King's College London.

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Last Update: Wednesday, January 5, 2000