Plenary Speakers

The Symposium started with an introduction by chair, Terry Miller.  Susan Huntington, Dean of the Graduate School at Ohio State, welcomed all attendees.  Session Chair, Will Saam, introduced each of the speakers for the Monday morning session.  During intermission, attendees were able to get coffee (and warm up from the cold room!)   

On Wednesday, the Plenary Session kicked off with Prabir Dutta, Session Chair, introducing each of the speakers.  Conferees again were treated to coffee from Buckeye Donuts, which was sponsored by exhibitor, Spectra Physics.

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Terry Miller, Symposium Chair

Susan Huntington, Dean of Graduate School

Will Saam, Session Chair

Peter Bernath, University of Waterloo

Takayoshi Amano, Ibaraki University

Andrey Vilesov, University of Southern California

Wim Ubachs, Vrije Universiteit

Jun Ye, JILA

John Maier, University of Basel

Prabir Dutta, Session Chair

Mark Johnson, Yale University

Last Updated July 22, 2004