Instructions for Use of Presentation .ppt and .gif Files

Please note that the .ppt and .gifs icons link respectively to the powerpoint file used by the presenter and the gifs generated from this powerpoint file by the Symposium server. These files are compressed to save storage space and speed up the download process.

To make use of these files you need to decompress them. You must have a decompression program on your computer, preferably linked to your browser so that it will automatically be called when the compressed file's extension is recognized. Either WinZip or StuffIt Expander can decompress these files, and both are free to download.

For the following, we will assume Winzip is installed and linked to your browser. Other decompression programs work similarly. To download gif files on a Windows machine, just click on the gifs icon. The Winzip window will appear listing the individual gif files. If you wish to save the gifs for future reference, use the Extract function to save the desired slides on your computer. You can view a particular gif by simply double clicking it. If your computer does not have a built-in gif viewer you can use any web browser to view the files.

The procedure is very much the same for ppt files. Clicking on the ppt icon will open the Winzip window listing the files. For most presentations, the compressed file will only contain a single powerpoint file. Some presentations will contain additional liked files. For these presentations to work properly, you must extract all the files to your comptuer before opening the powerpoint file.

Please note that the Symposium is providing these presentations in an effort to inprove the availability of scientific information. If you use this resource you must appropriately acknowledge the source in accordance with standard academic and legal practice. In particular reference to results presented herein should be made to the Symposium presentation, with the WWW reference included. Should you wish to use specific tables, figures, etc., you should request the appropriate permission from the author.

Any questions about the technical aspects of the web site should be addressed to

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Last Update: July 2004