Plenary Speakers

Y. P. Lee, National Chiao Tung University
Robert McKellar, National Research Council of Canada
Brooks Pate, University of Virginia
Martin Quack, ETH Zurich
Timothy Zwier, Purdue University
Michael Gerry, University of British Columbia
Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin, Coblentz Award Winner

Special Sessions

For the 62nd Symposium, Anne B. McCoy, The Ohio State University, and Jon T. Hougen, NIST, are organizing a mini-symposium entitled, "Theoretical/Computational Spectroscopy." This mini-symposium will focus on theoretical and computational techniques used to interpret spectra obtained in all regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Particular focus will be placed on systems that require us to stretch our current understanding and models used to interpret spectra as well as studies that involve the interaction of experiment and theory to decipher spectra. Invited speakers will include David Perry, University of Akron; Pierre-Nicholas Roy, University of Alberta; and James Muckerman, Brookhaven National Lab. A second mini-symposium is being organized by Robert Field, MIT; and Amanda Ross, Universite Lyon, on the subject of "Alkali Atoms in Electronic Spectroscopy, Quantum Optics, and Ultracold Environments." This symposium is intended to identify overlapping themes, to reveal complementary expertise between communities working in these areas, and to establish and invigorate connections between theoretical and experimental groups. Invited talks for this mini-symposium will be given by David DeMille, Yale; and Paul Julienne, NIST. A third mini-symposium is being organized by Richard Loomis, Washington University-St. Louis, and Scott Reid, Marquette University, entitled "Dynamics Probed by Spectroscopy." This symposium will focus on the dynamical information (e.g. evidences of isomerization, dissociation, conformational exchange, chemical reactions) encoded in molecular spectra, as well as the experimental and theoretical methods used to decode and interpret such information. Invited speakers include Scott Kable, University of Sydney; Carl Lineberger, JILA, University of Colorado; and Simon North, Texas A&M University. A session on theory is being organized by Russell Pitzer, Anne McCoy, and John Herbert, Ohio State University, featuring an invited talk by Anna Krylov, University of California.