Plenary Speakers

Michael Ashfold, University of Bristol
Philip Bunker, National Research Council of Canada
Takeshi Oka, University of Chicago
Ruth Signorell, University of British Columbia
John Stanton, University of Texas at Austin
Keiichi Tanaka, Kyushu University
Xiaowei Zhuang, Harvard University, Coblentz Award Winner

Special Sessions

For the 63rd Symposium, Frederic Merkt, ETH Zurich, is organizing a mini-symposium entitled, "Cold Molecules/Clusters." Samples of cold and ultracold molecules offer important potential advantages for studies of molecular properties by high-resolution spectroscopy. This mini-symposium aims at reviewing current experimental methods to produce samples of cold molecules and clusters and will provide a platform for presenting and discussing spectroscopic applications of such samples. Invited speakers will include Eberhard Tiemann, Leibniz Universitat Hannover; Andrey Vilesov, University of Southern California; and Stefan Willitsch, University College London; and Uzi Even, Tel Aviv University. A second mini-symposium is being organized by Martin Zanni, University of Wisconsin, on the subject of "Multi-Dimensional IR". There are parallel efforts underway in the gas and condensed phase communities to study molecular structures using infrared spectroscopy, such as the related techniques of 2D IR and double-resonance spectroscopy. This mini-symposium will bring together theoreticians and experimentalists with common interests in studying structures using couplings, vibrational energy transfer, and infrared lineshapes. Invited talks for this mini-symposium will be given by Timothy S. Zwier, Purdue University; Christopher Cheatum, University of Iowa; and Igor Rubtsov, Tulane University. A third mini-symposium is being organized by Edwin Heilweil, NIST and David Plusquellic, NIST, entitled "Sub-millimeter and THz Spectroscopy in the Gas and Condensed Phases." This mini-symposium is designed to bring together researchers working in the THz-gap region on a host of systems ranging from simple gas phase molecules to condensed phase biomolecular crystals, other solids, thin films and/or solutions. Contributions are encouraged from across the full range of spectroscopic techniques that include time and frequency domain methods. Invited speakers include Frank C. DeLucia, The Ohio State University; Joseph Melinger, Naval Research Laboratory; and Peter Uhd Jepsen, Technical University of Denmark. A session on theory is being organized by Russell Pitzer, Anne B. McCoy, and John Herbert, The Ohio State University, featuring an invited talk by Timothy Lee, NASA.