Plenary Speakers

Eric Cornell, JILA/University of Colorado
Edward Hinds, Imperial College
David Nesbitt, JILA/University of Colorado
Michael McCarthy, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Vladimir Tyuterev, Universite de Reims
Veronica Vaida, University of Colorado
Timothy Schmidt, University of Sydney, Coblentz Award Winner

Commemorative Session

Robert Curl, Rice University
Jon Hougen, NIST
David Skatrud, Army Research Office
Brenda Winnewisser, Ohio State University

The Commemorative Session will have talks featuring the history and related aspects of the Symposium and its influence on the development of the science over its lifetime.

Special Sessions

For the 65th Symposium, Michael Duncan, University of Georgia, is organizing a mini-symposium entitled, "Metal Containing Molecules". Metal-containing molecules probe the fundamentals of metal bonding, metal-adsorbate interactions, metal-ligand bonding and metal ion solvation. The spectroscopy of these systems is therefore relevant for many areas of chemistry, biochemistry, catalysis, materials and astrophysics. This symposium brings together spectroscopy of all types that focus on metal- and metal-ion-containing molecules, metal atom clusters, and metal-molecular clusters. Invited speakers will include Michael Heaven, Emory University; Lucy Ziurys, University of Arizona; Andre Fielicke, Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin; and Michael Duncan, University of Georgia. A second mini-symposium is being organized by Ben McCall, University of Illinois, Urbana and Jun Ye, JILA/University of Colorado on the subject of "High Precision Spectroscopy and Frequency Combs." This mini-symposium will cover new approaches to molecular spectroscopy enabled by frequency combs. Invited talks for this mini-symposium will be given by Ronald Holzwarth, MPI-Garching; and Ronald Walsworth, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. A third mini-symposium is being organized by Fleming Crim, University of Wisconsin and Thomas Rizzo, EPFL, entitled "Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Bio-molecules and Ions." This mini-symposium will explore recent progress in obtaining and interpreting highly-resolved vibrational spectra of biomolecules and cluster ions. Invited speakers include Mark Johnson, Yale University; Tom Rizzo, EPFL; and Tim Zwier, Purdue University. A session on theory is being organized by Anne McCoy, John Herbert, and Russell Pitzer, Ohio State University, featuring an invited talk by Tucker Carrington, Queens University.