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Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The School of Music maintains an ongoing post-doctoral fellowship program in the field of music cognition. The post-doctoral Music Cognition Fellowship program is designed to offer advanced research experience and training for promising scholars of music perception and cognition.

Fellowship Description

The goal of the fellowship is to advance the field of music cognition by accelerating the careers of promising music scholars.

Fellowship holders are expected to carry out research that contributes to the advancement of musical knowledge while providing mentorship for graduate student researchers. Fellowship holders should aim to produce scholarly publications and conference presentations, with an eye toward building a solid curriculum vitae and increasing professional opportunities. Supervision is under Prof. David Huron.

In the CSML, post-doctoral fellows are not regarded as research assistants: they are expected to formulate and pursue their own research agendas. Fellowship holders are encouraged to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the Ohio State University in the field of music cognition. These include facilities and infrastructure for carrying out experimental psychological research and computer-based music research, as well as a faculty complement with diverse expertise. OSU also offers a community of scholars -- including faculty, graduate students, laboratory staff, and visitors -- that provides both a critical and supportive intellectual environment.

Post-doctoral fellows are also eligible to continue their education by taking courses of interest offered at the Ohio State University. Tuition is waived when taking under 10 units per quarter.

Desired Applicant Qualities

Preference is given to applicants who are pursuing, or intending to pursue, a scholarly career in music. Applicants should be earnest in their desire to understand music and to employ the best intellectual standards in the conduct of their research. Suitable subjects for research include all areas of music cognition and systematic approaches to music theory. This includes listening, performance, analysis, modeling and cross-cultural phenomena.

A background in experimental research is not a requirement; nor is it necessary for a fellowship holder to pursue a wholly experimental research agenda. However, we regard the ability to interpret and carry out experimental studies as one of the most empowering skills a music scholar can have. For applicants without an empirical background, a fellowship provides an opportunity to develop these skills.


Individuals who have held the doctorate for no more than seven years, and who will possess the doctorate before the first day of the post-doctoral fellowship tenure, are eligible to apply. Applications from individuals whose primary training is not in music are welcome with the provision that their background fits well with relevant research interests in music cognition at Ohio State. International scholars are encouraged to apply, but must prove eligibility for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service J1 visa.

In the School of Music, fellows are eligible for reappointment for a maximum of two years of fellowship support; the norm is a one-year appointment with two year appointments awarded in special circumstances.

People in the following categories are not eligible for the fellowship:

  • Persons holding doctoral or MFA degrees from the Ohio State University.
  • Persons who already hold some other post-doctoral appointment at the Ohio State University.
  • Persons currently on appointment at the Ohio State University.
  • Senior faculty (associate or full professors) from other institutions.

Note that untenured Assistant Professors at institutions other than OSU are eligible to apply for a fellowship.

Stipend and Benefits

Fellowship holders receive a stipend of ~$40,000 for a twelve-month period. The appointment is for not less than nine months. The fellowship typically commences the first day of September of the award year, although special arrangements for alternative appointment dates are possible.

Post-doctoral Fellows are covered under the University's health insurance plan. Fellows may choose one of several options under this plan, each of which requires a different monthly premium. The University pays the major portion of this monthly premium. Fellows make a small contribution, usually by direct monthly payroll deduction. Full descriptions and costs of the various options are contained in written materials available from the Office of Human Resources-Benefits and from the Handbook for Postdoctoral Scholars published by the OSU Graduate School.

Application Process

Applications should include a covering letter and supporting documents.

Material to be Supplied

A letter of application and all other supporting material should be send to Prof. David Huron (huron.1@osu.edu) by the deadline date (see below). The following items are to be supplied:

Candidate's Application Letter: A three-page application letter that includes a description of the candidate's background, credentials, training, skills, and recent scholarship; a statement of long-term professional goals; a research plan developed by the candidate that specifies one or more projects which candidate wishes to pursue; and an indication of the desired starting date for the fellowship. (Note that reappointments are unusual and contingent on outstanding progress.)

Supporting Documentation: A complete curriculum vitae, including indication of special awards, honors; an official grade transcript (sent by the university conferring the doctorate) showing the award of a doctorate (or anticipated award date: in this case, an updated transcript must be submitted prior to appointment); a sample of scholarly writing; and three letters of recommendation from persons outside of the Ohio State University.


The deadline for applications is normally May 1st of the academic year preceding the fellowship appointment. The next competition is for May 2018. Applications and all supporting documentation should have arrived by that date to insure full consideration. Please address all materials to: huron.1@osu.edu