CSO Horn Auditions Finals

Recital Hall. We’ll use the recital hall for all rounds. The hall should be well lit both on stage and in the house, no need for lighting control or audio reinforcement. The committee will be 6-8 ppl sitting in the seats of the hall and the candidates will enter, perform, and exit from SL.
Practice Rooms. We’ll use as many practice rooms as available for each round; 12+ would be ideal. The # of practice rooms will help determine our scheduling, so please let us know what # you believe to be realistic. These will be for warm up by candidates and their time in each room prior to auditioning will be scheduled. We should be able to bring candidates directly from these rooms, down the freight elevator backstage, and to the SL wing of the recital hall in a pre-determined order.
Pipe and Drape. This is a “blind” audition, so we’ll need a small amount of pipe and drape on the stage itself. The pipe and drape will need to extend from the wings on to the recital hall stage far enough that a performer can enter from the wings and walk unseen to roughly the middle of the stage (or far enough out that it sounds good unreinforced) and play. I’m guessing this could be accomplished with (2) 8’ sections of drape. We do not own any pipe and drape, you mentioned that you have a small amount below. Please let us know if we need to source additional equipment.
Carpet. We will need a strip of carpet extending from the wings to the playing position, to mask the footfalls of the performer walking on stage (in case the performer is wearing shoes that would reveal their gender.)
Tables for check in. In the Lobby area, (2) 6’ or 8’ tables with chairs would be great. In the backstage area near the elevator and stage entrance, a third table with chair would be helpful.
Music Stands. Onstage we’ll need at least two stands with lights, and each practice room will need a stand. If you do not have stands available, please let us know and we can bring some of ours.
Posting area. We’ll need a central area to post schedules and results, hopefully you can recommend a good location for this near the recital hall entrance.
Room: Auditoria - N120 TMV Recital Hall
Start Time: 07:00:00am - Tuesday 01 August 2023
Duration: 17 hours
End Time: 12:00:00am - Wednesday 02 August 2023
Type: Internal
Created By: donel.1
Last Updated: 01:24:05pm - Wednesday 12 July 2023
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