Jeremy Patterson is a Graphics Researcher and Instructor at ACCAD, specializing in virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, user experience design and research, and game creation. Jeremy has recognized expertise as a skilled multi-disciplinary expert who crafts integrated, interactive experiences for humans of all ages. His current research projects at ACCAD include a first responder triage VR (MCIVR) training simulation in collaboration with the Wexner Medical Center, a suite of virtual field labs in conjunction with the College of Social Work, and a mixed reality training application for cardiac procedures in collaboration with the Wexner Medical Center.

His previous work through McGraw-Hill, Genentech, and Cartoon Network has been experienced and enjoyed by people in classrooms, living rooms, and doctor's offices across the country. Additionally, Jeremy is a published author and speaker on extended reality and its design and application in pediatrics.

Before his work at OSU, Jeremy was the Lead of User Experience Technology Research and Development at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital. In this position, Jeremy was instrumental in spearheading advanced technology projects at the organization, culminating in notable virtual and mixed reality endeavors, digital and hardware cross-over projects, and 4 US patents. Voxel Bay ( is the most significant of these endeavors, having been the subject of a presentation and publication at ACM SIGGRAPH 2016, a finalist selectee at South by Southwest Interactive 2017, and the Miracle Maker of the Year recipient from the Children's Miracle Network.

Jeremy is also co-founder of LittleSeed, Inc, a Columbus, Ohio-based venture that specializes in extended-reality products for pediatric healthcare, with Voxel Bay as one entry in the company's growing product portfolio. Previous to his work at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Jeremy led the research, design, and development efforts on new initiatives at Netscape and America Online.

Additionally, Jeremy is a pacer. If you see him walking around in circles, do not be alarmed: it's normal, and no need for panic. He is just thinking. He is convinced this trait is genetic, as both of his kids exhibit the same behavior. Additionally, Jeremy watches cartoons obsessively, as all mature adults should. He is also a well of useless knowledge. On the side, he designs and fabricates plastic toys and figurines.

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Voxel Bay : an integrated virtual reality experience for pediatric patients

This project represents a multifaceted approach to bring virtual reality experiences into clinical use. The project has been a success and also a validation of the power of cross-disciplinary vision and inter-disciplinary teams. For this project, I acted as the instigator, creative director, a designer, the lead, a developer and the product champion.

Voxel Bay has been the subject of a presentation and publication at ACM SIGGRAPH 2016, as well as a being a nominated finalist at South by Southwest Interactive for 2017 and was also recently awarded the Miracle Maker of the Year by the Children’s Miracle Network.

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Recycle Rumble

Recycle Rumble is a mixed-reality game for Oculus and Vive virtual reality headsets, as well as for Apple iPad devices. Recycle Rumble places the player in a whimsical sandbox in which they are presented with true to life recycling options, and need to sort the choices quickly. The process is meant to mimic real-world training scenarios, but with the additional virtual flair that can only live in a video game world.

DiscoveryX 2017

In 2017, I had the incredible honor to present at DiscoveryX, a TedX event held at Nationwide Children's Hospital. It was a profound and humbling experience and is one of the accomplishments for which I remain most proud.




Efficacy of Smartphone Active and Passive Virtual Reality Distraction vs Standard Care on Burn Pain Among Pediatric Patients
A Randomized Clinical Trial; 
Published (June 21, 2021) JAMA Netw Open 2021.
Henry Xiang, MD, MPH, PhD, MBA1,2,3; Jiabin Shen, PhD4; Krista K. Wheeler, MS1,2; et al. 
[et al.: Jeremy Patterson participated in concept and design; acquisition, analysis or interpretation of data; drafting of the manuscript; administrative, technical and material support and supervision.]

Virtual Reality-Based Executive Function Rehabilitation System for Children with Traumatic Brain Injury: Design and Usability Study
Authored by: Shen J, Xiang H, Luna J, Grishchenko A, Patterson J, Strouse RV, Roland M, Lundine JP, Koterba CH, Lever K, Groner JI, Huang Y, Lin EJD. Published in JMIR (serious games) on 25.08.20 in Vol 8, No 3 (2020): Jul-Sep. JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(3):e16947; URL:; DOI: 10.2196/16947; PMID: 32447275; PMCID: 7479584.

US News and World Report : Contributing Author -  How Virtual Reality Can Help Kids Through Doctor Appointments

Clinician Orchestrated Virtual Reality is Feasible for Distraction during Pediatric Procedures Amy L. Dunna, b MD, Jeremy Patterson c,d BFA, Charmaine F. Biegaa RN, Alice Grishchenkod MFA, John Luna c,d MFA, , Joseph R. Staneka,c, Robert Strousec, MFA

Rest Evaluation for Active Concussion Treatment (ReAct) Protocol: a prospective cohort study of levels of physical and cognitive rest after youth sports-related concussion Jingzhen Yang, Keith Yeates, Lindsay Sullivan, Bhavna Singichetti, Alison Newton, Pengcheng Xun, H Gerry Taylor, James MacDonald, Thomas Pommering, Michael Tiso, Daniel Cohen, Yungui Huang, Jeremy Patterson, Zhong-lin Lu. BMJ Open 2019;9:e028386. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-028386

Cell Phone Application for Improved Point of Care Urine Concentration Measurement Laura Walawender M.Da., Jerermy Pattersonb, Robert Strouseb, John Ketz M.S.c, Vijay Saxena Ph.D.d, Emily Alexye, Andrew Schwaderer, M.D.d

Voxel Bay: VR as a Distraction for Pediatric Pain Alice Grishchenko, John Luna, Jeremy Patterson 2016 ACM SIGGRAPH

‘RE:fine drugs’: an interactive dashboard to access drug repurposing opportunities Soheil Moosavinasab, Jeremy Patterson, Robert Strouse, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Kelly Regan, Philip R. O. Payne, Yungui Huang and Simon M. Lin 2016

Patient Centered Design Criteria for Seizure Detection Wearables. Epilepsy & Behavior Anup D. Patel MD, Robert Moss, Steven W. Rust PhD, Jeremy Patterson, Robert Strouse MFA, Satyanarayana Gedela MD MRCP (UK), Jesse Haines, and Simon M. Lin MD MBA

3D Cloaca Imaging Innovations Improve Anatomic Understanding and Surgical Planning Gasior AC, Halleran D, Parthasarathy J, Strouse R, Patterson J, Reck C, Vilanova Sanchez A, Wood RJ, Levitt MA

RE:fine NEISS: A Real-time Interaction Search System for Product-related Injuries Presented to U.S. Hospital Emergency Departments Soheil Moosavinasab MS; Jeremy Patterson BFA; Krista K. Wheeler MS; Robert Strouse, MFA; Huiyun Xiang MD, MPH, PhD; Yungui Huang, PhD, MBA; Sand Simon M. Lin, MD, MBA 2015

Make Safe Happen app image

Make Safe Happen

For this product, I assisted in many aspects including technical consulting, user experience and usability design as well as making certain project stakeholders' vision for the application and the content presentation was fully realized. My current responsibilities are surrounding defying an analytics implementation to support ongoing research around the app usage and behavioral change impact on a population scale.

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Elmer's 1st Day App Image

Elmer's 1st Day

The Elmer’s 1st Day application is a mobile application targeted at both iOS and Android phone devices. The application is designed as a photo organizer and photo sharing mechanism for the Elmer’s 1st Day online community. For this application, I also navigated the complicated waters regarding how media (pictures and videos) could be shared between multiple sources, and remain secure within the apps custom micro-site ecosystem.

Video Egg Bird Logo

Say Media

Formerly known as VideoEgg, this company was the first to offer rich-media, interactive ads within Facebook, standard web, and finally mobile apps. This platform was the first of its breed, and I was responsible for the design, feature comparison and implementation of the software development kit provided to the public and other companies to integrate ads within their sites, applications, and games.

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Reading Labs 2.0 screenshot

Reading Labs 2.0

For this project, I completed the architecture and development of McGraw-Hill Company’s first web-based application for tablet devices. The Reading Labs 2.0 program is designed and built to function as a highly-interactive learning experience delivered via the standard web browser on iOS and Android devices. This project integrated media of all types into a complex multimedia application and provided a cohesive experience with all media types, and delivered this experience through standard web browsers as well as tablet applications.

Big Ideas for Health 2014 Banner

Eye Exam: Wexner Medical Center Big Ideas For Health 2014

For this effort I identified the opportunity, designed, architected, and built the software portion of the Eye Exam project which went on to win the Big Ideas for Heath competition at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University. The application featured a usable design for the testing process, as well as computer vision (advanced image and video analysis) features to detect and measure eye features. I had an exciting personal discovery with this project: the fact that my experience with creative through tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, enabled me to see analysis paths that many computer scientists could not identify. I later used this knowledge numerous times to create complex analysis algorithms that ran natively on mobile devices, and in some cases out-performed analyses developed by traditionally trained computer scientists.

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AOL OpenRide Screen Shot

AOL OpenRide

This project was well ahead of its time in many respects. The endeavor started off as an R&D project to see if multiple user tasks (checking email, instant messaging, browsing the web and listening to media) could be brought together into a single interface. Through a series of prototypes, some conclusions were arrived upon that would later become familiar vernacular to cross-modality experiences today. We were, to my knowledge, the first to discover and incorporate responsive views, as well as combining multiple, distinct applications into a single picture in a similar manner to newer versions of iOS and Android. After being key to these finding, I think went on to have the privilege of informing the technical architecture for the application as well as architecting, designing, and leading the team to build the Media Center panel which integrated content from all sources: from the web to iTunes to pictures stored on your desktop.

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Garfield Mad About Cats box art

Garfield Mad About Cats

Garfield Mad About Cats was one of the first games I ever worked on, but it was my first exposure to how advantageous my interdisciplinary skill set could be. I look back at this project that taught me so many things about my craft and about how I could use my skills. I also think it's still cool that I have a piece of "on the shelf" software out there.

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ImagineIt! App Icon

SRA Imagine It! CCSS Teacher Resource

The SRA Imagine It! application is designed as a tool for teachers to navigate, search, bookmark, and note readings which satisfy national educational standards. The mobile application is built to run on both Apple iOS and Google Android tablet devices.