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To house world-leading efforts in studies of dark energy, dark matter, the origin of cosmic structure, and the highest energy particles in the universe, surrounded by a highly visible postdoc, visitor and workshop program that advances knowledge, mentors the next generation of scientists, and brings results to the public.



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The Ohio State University has funded the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP), to build upon the unique environment between the OSU Departments of Astronomy and Physics, to pursue collaborative research at the interface of cosmology, astrophysics, and high energy physics.

The interdisciplinary research in CCAPP joins astronomy with physics, and theory and computation with experiment and observation, pushing the frontiers of knowledge focusing on answering some of humanity's oldest questions "What is the Universe made of?" and "How did it evolve?".

CCAPP research initiatives include dark energy, dark matter, "multi-messenger" particle astrophysics, and the birth and growth of the Universe.



Founded by a $5.5M award from OSU and $5.4M in endowments, we host a vigorous research and visitor program, lead by our 25 faculty, 10 Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Research Fellows, and Distinguished Scholars. Annually CCAPP hosts hundreds of visitors, multiple public lectures and a series of mini-workshops coupled to CCAPP science initiatives. It is primarily focused on giving young scientists a unique environment to pursue research.

CCAPP is governed by a Science Board with equal representation from Astronomy and Physics, with day-to-day operations run by the Director and administrative support staff.


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