Biophysics Seminar

The biophysics seminar is a concerted effort between The Ohio State University's Department of Physics and the Biophysics graduate program. Speakers at Biophysics seminars consist of an external guest speaker, current Biophysics students, or Ohio State faculty members.

Current Biophysics pre-candidacy students should register for the seminar course offered through the Department of Physics. Post-candidacy Biophysics students are required to attend but not to register for the course. For all Biophysics students, student presentations within small groups to enhance student presentation skills and provide open discussion are considered components of the seminar. Additional course information is available online at:

Seminar Class:Physics 7891
Course #:11456
Section #:0020

Current location(s):

If you want to be included in the email list please send an (empty) email to For questions about Biophysics seminars, please contact Dr. Ralf Bundschuh.

Date and location Time Speaker Title
Smith room
10:10 Weihong Qiu
Oregon State University
Kinesin-14s: Moving into a New Paradigm
11:30 Aparna Unnikrishnan
Foster lab
Structure and dynamics in Cre-loxP system of DNA recombination
12:00 Ben Donovan
Poirier lab
Reb1 is a pioneer factor that dynamically regulates nucleosomal DNA accessibility
Smith room
12:00 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Janelia Farm
1:20 Hannah Shafaat
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Metalling" with Nature: Design and characterization of model metalloenzymes for small molecule activation
Smith room
12:00 Gary Lorigan
Miami University
Biophysical Studies of Membrane Proteins Using EPR Spectroscopic Techniques
1:20 Max Westphal
Pradhan lab
New X-ray sources and heavy element nanomoieties to enhance radiation therapy and diagnostics to reduce patient risk
1:50 Pat Houston
Zhong lab
Hydration Dynamics and Coupled Sidechain Motions around the Fish Eye Lens Protein γM7-Crystallin
Smith room
12:00 Guillaume Lambert
Cornell University
Quantitative Single-Cell Biophysics
1:20 Keyton Clayson
Liu lab
Characterizing the Mechanics of Keratoconus Using Ocular Pulse Elastography (OPE)
1:50 Joshua Johnson
Castro lab
Control of DNA Origami Mechanisms via Gold Nanoparticles
Smith room
11:30 Zachary Schultz
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Illuminating complexity: Enhanced Raman Scattering for Bioanalysis
12:50 Hsiu-Chuan Wei
Feng Chia University, Taiwan, and Mathematical Biosciences Institute
Bifurcation analysis of a mathematical model of tumor growth
Smith room
10:00 TBA  
11:20 Xuefeng Wang
Iowa State University
Smith room
11:00 John van Noort
Leiden University
Chromatin higher order folding, the physics of DNA organization
12:20 TBA  
1:00 Robert Ross lecture
Karolin Luger
University of Colorado, Boulder
2:30 Opportunity for students to meet speaker (refreshments provided)
Smith room
12:00 Rakhi Rajan
University of Oklahoma
1:30 TBA  
Smith room
11:00 Riina Tehver
Denison University
12:20 TBA  

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