CMS CSC(EMU) Data Concentrator Card (DCC)
DCC is a high speed data concentrator card at 2* GigaByte per second. DCC collects the CSC data from DDUs data at 10 * 640 MegaByte per second through custom backplane in FED crate, then sends data to main CMS DAQ at 2* 800 MegaByte per second by SLINK64, and local debug computer at 2* Gigabit per second through fiber gigabitethernet. It also receives TTC control signals and fan out to the FED crate. DCC is a 9Ux220mm slave VME board. It talks with VME controller (VME master in slot 1) through the P1 connector (A24D16).


Production DCC Operation Manual (NEW)

DCC sTTS state machine

DCC register and status

DCC ESR presentation (part of FED ESR)

DCC Photos

DCC presentation with pictures

DCC PCB schematic design (pdf)

DCC data receiver FPGA design (production version .svf)

DCC SLINK interface FPGA design (Production version .svf)

DCC data format (updated on Jun. 18, 2010); (word doc)

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Preliminary version finished: June 28, 2004.

Updated on Jun. 18, 2010.

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