DAQMB rev 4 is produced for FAST site in 2001. 
DAQMB rev 7 is CMS final production, produced in 2004/2005.
DAQMB collects the CSC data from CFEBs(Strip charge information) and TMB (Anode timing information, Anode and Cathode trigger information), and sends the data to computer via a Giga-bit Ethernet card in rev4, and to DDU via TLK2501 Gigabit link in rev7. It is a 9U slave VME board. It talks with VME controller through the P1 connector (A24D16). It talks with CCB and TMB through the custom backplane.

DAQMB ESR presentation

DAQMB Photos

DAQMB Timing Diagram (NEW!)

US EMU meeting presentation about DAQMB(rev4)

DAQMB User's Manual (For FAST sites)

DAQMB-CFEB Software Manual

Data Format (For FAST sites)
Data Format (Production version)

PCB schematic design (for FAST site tests)
PCB schematic design (production)

VME interface FPGA design (.svf files)

Controller FPGA design (.svf files)

DAQMB Production Test Setup

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Some test boards closely related to DAQMB

Preliminary version finished: Sept. 21, 2001.
Updated on June 15, 2005.
Added the DMB timing diagram on Feb 24, 2008.

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