DAQMB production test setup

DAQMB rev 7 is CMS final production, produced in 2004/2005.

DAQMB Hardware setup

The Hardware includes: (1) Two single-channel power supplies; (2) one Low Voltage Distribution Board (LVDB); (3) Five CFEBs mounted on the test chamber; (4) one production DAQMB under test; (5) one parallel to JTAG converter boxe; (6) one DAQMB data to fiber Ethernet package converter board; (7) one VME crate with Dynatem as controller; (8) fake peripheral crate backplane; (9) computer.

DAQMB Test Firmware Setup

The compatible CFEB firmware is dated to 2003, which is febf_v4_r1, with usercode of "CFEB7041". The DMB firmware is loaded by the production test software.

DAQMB Test Software Setup

The software (includes /root and /home/cmsdmb6 ) is running on cmspc01 computer under linux with username: cmsdmb6.  Here is the process to start the DAQMB production test program.

(1) login cmsdmb6, with usual password;

(2) open a terminal, and su (set as superuser);

(3) load drivers by "./setup_fast_daq";

(4) quit the superuser, then "cd fast_daq/daqmb_test";

(5) start the DAQMB test program by "Daqmb";

(6) Enter the DAQMB serial number, then run to start testing

CFEB test setup can be found here

Preliminary version finished: Dec. 24, 2008.

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