4-slot VME P1 backplane

This backplane is innitially designed for DAQMB radiation test.  There are four slots, slot 1 facing the back of the VME crate, slot 10, 11 and 12 facing the front of the VME crate, so when both DAQMB and Dynatem VME controller plugged in, they will not overlap.  This backplane is also compatible with the small system setup for CCB, TMB and DMB using the small custom backplane for P2/P3.  In that case, the Dynatem will be slot 1, CCB will be slot 10, TMB will be slot 11, and DAQMB will be slot 12.  The slot number is determined by the Geographic address design on the backplane.  Here is the Schematic design of the backplane.



Operation of the Backplane
Powering the backplane: External +5V power supply goes through a 8-pin connector to a fuse to the +5V power plane on the PCB.  The external +5V also goes to a +3.3V regulator through the fuse.  The regulated +3.3V power goes to the backplane.  The 8-pin connector also supply the possiblity to supply either a +12V or -12V power supply to the backplane through the +12V and -12V fuse respectively. You can also bypass the fuses (remove the fuses), and connect the +3.3V and +5V power to the backplanes directly.  And this is probably the setup for FAST site, if the backplane is used.

Preliminary version finished:  Apr. 4, 2002

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