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Readings from Shankar BTM Text

ReadingTopicRead by ...
Preface and Note to the Student Overview and philosophy of text. 27-Mar-2006
Chapter 1 "Differential Calculus of One Variable" 28-Mar-2006
Chapter 2 "Integral Calculus" 31-Mar-2006
Chapter 3 "Calculus of Many Variables" 07-Apr-2006
Chapter 4 "Infinite Series" 14-Apr-2006
Chapter 5 "Complex Numbers" 21-Apr-2006
Chapter 6 "Functions of Complex Variables" 26-Apr-2006
Chapter 7 "Vector Calculus" 01-May-2006
Chapter 8 "Matrices and Determinants" 17-May-2006
Chapter 9 "Linear Vector Spaces" 23-May-2006

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Problem Sets

Click on the problem set number to get a copy of the assignment.

Due DateAssignmentComments Solutions
31-Mar-2006 PS#1 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#1 solutions [pdf]
04-Apr-2006 PS#2 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#2 solutions [pdf]
07-Apr-2006 PS#3 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#3 solutions [pdf]
11-Apr-2006 PS#4 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#4 solutions [pdf]
14-Apr-2006 PS#5 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#5 solutions [pdf]
18-Apr-2006 PS#6 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#6 solutions [pdf]
21-Apr-2006 PS#7 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#7 solutions [pdf]
25-Apr-2006 PS#8 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#8 solutions [pdf]
28-Apr-2006 PS#9 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#9 solutions [pdf]
02-May-2006 PS#10 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#10 solutions [pdf]
08-May-2006 PS#11 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#11 solutions [pdf]
10-May-2006 PS#12 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#12 solutions [pdf]
12-May-2006 PS#13 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#13 solutions [pdf]
16-May-2006 PS#14 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#14 solutions [pdf]
19-May-2006 PS#15 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#15 solutions [pdf]
23-May-2006 PS#16 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#16 solutions [pdf]
26-May-2006 PS#17 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#17 solutions [pdf]
02-Jun-2006 PS#18 [pdf] hints, suggestions, etc. PS#18 solutions [pdf]

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Exam, Practice Problem, and 1094 session Solutions

Please report any errors you find in these solutions.

WeekPractice ProblemsExams1094 Sessions2005 Exams
1 Chapter 1 Practice Problems   Session 1 Quiz 1
2 Chapter 2 Practice Problems Quiz 1 Session 2 Quiz 2
3 Chapter 3 Practice Problems Quiz 2 Session 3 Quiz 3
4 Chapter 3/4/5 Practice Problems Quiz 3 Session 4 Quiz 4
5 Chapter 5/6 Practice Problems Quiz 4 Session 5 Quiz 5
6 Chapter 7 Practice Problems I Midterm Session 6 Midterm
7 Chapter 7 Practice Problems II Quiz 5 Session 7 Quiz 6
8 Chapter 8 Practice Problems Quiz 6 Session 8 Quiz 7
9   Quiz 7 Session 9  
10     Session 10  
11   Final   Final

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1094 Sessions

Copies of any handouts are available from Prof. Furnstahl or online below.

Dates of SessionOverviewNotes/Handouts Files
30-Mar-2006 Session 1 "Chapter 1 Practice Problems" [pdf]; "MATLAB Cheatsheet I" [pdf]; my_area.m, circle_area.m, eqheat.m
04-Apr-2006 Session 2 "Chapter 2 Practice Problems" [pdf]; "MATLAB Cheatsheet II" [pdf]; deriv_test.m, test_function1.m,
11-Apr-2006 Session 3 "Chapter 3 Practice Problems" [pdf]; "Numerical Integration Background I" [pdf]; "MATLAB Cheatsheet III" [pdf]; integ_test.m, integ_naive.m, test_integrand1.m
18-Apr-2006 Session 4 "Chapters 3/4/5 Practice Problems" [pdf]; "MATLAB Cheatsheet IV" [pdf]; test_convergence.m
25-Apr-2006 Session 5 "Chapters 5 and 6 Practice Problems" [pdf]; "MATLAB Cheatsheet V" [pdf]; complex_convergence.m, complex_plot.m
02-May-2006 Session 6 "Chapter 7 Practice Problems I" [pdf]; "MATLAB Cheatsheet VI" [pdf]; btm_fig77.m, rotating_vector.m
09-May-2006 Session 7 "Chapter 7 Practice Problems II" [pdf] vector_fields.m, gradient_hemisphere.m,
16-May-2006 Session 8 "Chapter 8 Practice Problems" [pdf] "MATLAB Cheatsheet VII" [pdf]; divergence.m, laplace_relax.m,
23-May-2006 Session 9 "MATLAB Cheatsheet VIII" [pdf]; matrix_timing.m, laplace_relax_random.m, laplace_relax_pbc.m
01-Jun-2005 Session 10 "MATLAB Cheatsheet IX" [pdf];  

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Handouts and Notes

You (mostly) have your choice of postscript (ps) or PDF format. If you're not sure, try PDF (and read it with Adobe Acrobat).

Last UpdatedHandoutComments
23-May-2006 Kronecker Delta Function and Levi-Civita (Epsilon) Symbol (pdf) Background and examples on using these (including the Einstein summation convention).
21-Apr-2006 Basics of Complex Numbers I (pdf) Summary of what you need to know about complex numbers.
31-Mar-2006 Computer Representation of Floating-Point Numbers (pdf) Background on how non-integer numbers are stored on computers (and in MATLAB).
22-Mar-2005 Problem Solving (ps) (pdf) "G. Polya and 'How to Solve It!'" General framework for problem solving.
00-Feb-1960 Wigner essay (pdf) "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences," by Eugene Wigner. Reprinted from Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 13 (Feb. 1960).

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* Matlab Examples

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