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Two-Minute Problems

Remember to give a good explanation, no longer than two sentences.

  1. T2T.7: For each of the 4 questions, select A,B,C, or D and give a short explanation of your choice. How are K, v, U, P related to T, numbers of particles, their masses, etc.?
  2. T2S.3: (a) What would happen if the average velocity of the molecules were not zero? (b) How is the rms speed defined? What is the difference between speed and velocity?
  3. T3T.4: Is the gas expanding or contracting? What is the work done on the gas? Is the temperature changing? What does this imply for the change in thermal energy? What does the first law of thermodynamics say?
  4. T3T.8: Review the section on Adiabatic Processes. How do the volume and pressure ratios between initial and final state relate to each other?

Chapter T2 and T3 Problems

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