Physics H133 -- Spring 2012

General Information about Physics H133

Course title:
Honors Physics: Thermal Physics, Waves and Quantum Physics
We will use two texts from the Six Ideas that Shaped Physics series by Thomas Moore,
Unit Q: Particles Behave Like Waves and Unit T: Some Processes are Irreversible.
There are errata pages for Unit Q and Unit T (both second edition, first printing, 2003).
For the labs you'll need the "Physics 133 Laboratory Manual".
The official prerequisites are H131 and H132 (with a grade of C or better), and Math 153 or 162 or higher, or their equivalent. See Prof. Furnstahl if you're concerned about your preparation.
Physics H133 will cover all 15 chapters in the Six Ideas, Unit Q text (to develop qualitative and some quantitative understanding of quantum mechanics, with applications to atoms and nuclei) and all 9 chapters in the Six Ideas, Unit T text (to develop an understanding of how thermodynamic quantities such as entropy arise from microscopic statistical mechanics).
Prof. Richard Furnstahl
office: Physics Research Building M2048
phone: 292-4830 (office) or 847-4026 (home)
Mr. Zhou Wang
office: Physics Research Building 3026
phone: 247-8248
Lab TA :
Dr. Richard Leonard
office: Smith Laboratory 1106F
phone: 292-8065
Super Tutor (in 1011):
Dr. Andrew Dougherty
office: Smith Laboratory 1082
phone: 688-4714 (office)
Schedule: [Note: This schedule is still subject to change!]
Office Hours:
Prof. Furnstahl: By appointment (asking in class is easiest) and TBA.
Graders: TBA
Assigned homework (drop 2, maximum 100%) [20%]
Laboratory [10%] --- A passing grade for the labs is required to pass H133!
Quizzes (drop 1 of 9) [20%]
One two-hour midterm covering 2/3 Unit Q [25%]
Final exam covering last part (nuclear) of Unit Q and entire Unit T [25%]
1094 sessions [7 or more checks to pass]
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