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OSU/REU 2001: Mathematica Tutorial

Welcome to the Mathematica home page for the Summer 2001 edition of the OSU Physics REU program!
This URL: http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~ntg/reu/reu_math_2001.html or just http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~ntg/reu/

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*General Information about the Mathematica Tutorial

Introduction to Mathematica for Physics
Required Texts:
None! The Mathematica Book is available online as part of the Help Browser in Mathematica.
Recommended Texts:
If you're looking for a follow-up text, A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica by Patrick Tam provides a detailed tutorial with many examples from physics. There are updates for version 3 and version 4.
Tutorial participants will have widely varying degrees of prior experience with Mathematica. Our goal is for everyone to improve their ability to use Mathematica for physics problems. The tutorial will be primarily "hands-on", with as little lecturing as possible.

Some basic capabilities of Mathematica we expect everyone to be "certified" in by the end of the tutorial:
These are the tools that Mathematica offers to analyze physics problems. We hope that you will explore problems connected with your summer REU project using Mathematica during the tutorial and beyond.
There are four two-hour tutorial sessions over two weeks in Smith 2064. See the REU/OSU home page for the schedule.
Prof. Greg Kilcup
office: 4068 Smith Lab
email: kilcup@osu.edu or kilcup@kilcup.org phone: 561-0224
Prof. Dick Furnstahl
office: 4004 Smith Lab
email: furnstahl.1@osu.edu or furnstah@mps.ohio-state.edu
phone: 292-4830 (office) or 847-4026 (home)

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*Mathematica Resources

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*Mathematica Example Notebooks

If you use Internet Explorer on one of the Windows machines in 1011 or 2064, selecting a Mathematica notebook link will automatically open Mathematica with that notebook.

Date RevisedNotebookComments
06/27/00 Debugging Mathematica notebook with some suggestions for debugging Mathematica expressions
06/27/00 Vector Manipulations Mathematica notebook with examples of vector stuff (dot product, cross product, etc.)
06/26/00 Taylor Series Mathematica notebook with examples of Taylor series expansions
06/28/00 Numerical Diff. Eq.s Mathematica notebook with examples of numerical differential equation solving.
06/28/00 Functions with Options Mathematica notebook showing how to write functions with two types of optional arguments (with defaults).
06/26/00 Square Wave Mathematica notebook showing a square wave being built from sine waves.
06/26/00 Defining n! Mathematica notebook with many ways to define n!.
06/26/00 Least-Squares Fits Mathematica notebook with examples of least-square fitting.
06/26/00 Rolling Dice Mathematica notebook with simulation of rolling dice.
06/26/00 Euler's Equations Mathematica notebook with the book flipping problem analyzed.
06/26/00 Colliding Pulses Mathematica notebook with animations of colliding pulses.
06/26/00 Differential Equations Mathematica notebook with examples of differential equation solving.
06/26/01 Mir Space Station Great notebook on rotational kinematics, done by an astronaut.
06/26/01 Solving the Schroedinger equation From the Phys263 class, a numerical integration of the Schroedinger equation.
04/20/99 Complex Numbers Handout on the basics of complex numbers. [not a notebook!]

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Tutorial Sessions

Additional Handouts/Notebooks

Session 2 Mathematica notebook with session 2 examples.
Session 3 Mathematica notebook with session 3 examples.
Session 4 Mathematica notebook with session 4 examples.
Session 5 Mathematica notebook with session 5 examples.
Session 6 Mathematica notebook with session 6 examples.

Mathematica Tutorial Exercises

Session 1 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 2 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 3 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 4 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 5 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.

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