Nuclear Physics Seminar

Spin Phenomena in Elastic Scattering of 6He and 8He off Protons

Charlotte Elster (Ohio University)

The calculation and derivation of microscopic optical potentials for calculating scattering observables for elastic scattering from spin-zero nuclei has a long tradition. So-called microscopic `full-folding' models based on a nuclear density matrix and a fully-off-shell two-nucleon t-matrix have been developed mainly for closed shell nuclei heavier than 16O. Constructing microscopic optical potential for the 6He isotope poses a twofold challenge: First, 6He is a loosely bound nucleus consisting of an alpha core and two valence neutrons. Second, 6He as well as 8He are not closed-shell nuclei.

To address the first challenge, an optical potential based on the Watson first-order multiple-scattering ansatz is extended to accommodate the internal dynamics of a cluster model for the 6He nucleus. Differential cross sections and analyzing powers are calculated and discussed for a set of energies, including 71 MeV/nucleon. In addressing the second challenge, the Watson optical potential has been extended to incorporate the open-shell structure of 6He and 8He. Both those effects on the differential cross section and the polarization are discussed.

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