Nuclear Physics Seminar

Regge Model for Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering and Applications to Final State Interactions

William Ford (Old Dominion University)

There are currently no models readily available that provide nucleon-nucleon (NN) spin dependent scattering amplitudes at high energies (s ≥ 6 GeV2). This work aims to provide a model for calculating these high energy scattering amplitudes. Such a model should prove useful for a variety of applications, including our primary interest in describing final state interactions (FSI) in electromagnetic and electroweak nuclear processes. I will discuss our approach to parametrize the NN system using Regge theory, which allows for a relativistic description and full spin dependence. I will present the results of our fits to the NN system, as well as their implementation to describe the FSI in the electrodisintegration of the deuteron.

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