Nuclear Physics Seminar

Exact Solutions of Kinetic Equations in the Relaxation Time Approximation

Radoslaw Ryblewski (Kent State University)

Thursday, February 20th, 2014, 11:10 am

Experimental and theoretical studies of relativistic heavy-ion collisions showed that the behavior of matter produced in such collisions is very well described within hydrodynamic models. These results brought a lot of attention to the studies of kinetic coefficients whose values determine the magnitude of important observables such as the elliptic flow. Interestingly, different theoretical methods lead to different values of the kinetic coefficients.

Our idea is to perform comparisons of exact solutions of simple kinetic equations with hydrodynamic approaches, which allows us to select correct forms of these coefficients. For this purpose we exactly solve the relaxation-time approximation Boltzmann equation for a system which is transversely homogeneous and undergoing boost-invariant longitudinal expansion. We compare the resulting exact numerical solutions with approximate solutions available. In the next step we generalize the kinetic approach to include finite parton masses and analyze their impact on the thermalization process.

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