Nuclear Physics Seminar

Studying the validity of viscous hydrodynamics with a new exact solution of the Boltzmann equation

Mauricio Martinez-Guerrero (The Ohio State University)

December 4th, 2014, 10:00 am

We present an exact solution to the Boltzmann equation which describes a system undergoing boost-invariant longitudinal and azimuthally symmetric radial expansion for arbitrary shear viscosity to entropy density ratio. This new solution is constructed by considering the conformal map between Minkowski space and the direct product of three dimensional de Sitter space with a line. The resulting solution respects SO(3)_q x SO(1,1) x Z_2 symmetry. We compare the exact kinetic solution with exact solutions of the corresponding macroscopic equations that were obtained from the kinetic theory in ideal and second-order viscous hydrodynamic approximations. The macro- scopic solutions are obtained in de Sitter space and are subject to the same symmetries used to obtain the exact kinetic solution.

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