SRG Potential for 550/600 MeV Epelbaum et al.

On this page we collect images of Vsrg evolved from the Epelbaum et al. N3LO potential with 550/600 MeV cutoff.


Contour Plots of the Potential

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17-Nov-2006 1S0 550/600 MeV [png]
3S1 550/600 MeV [png]
Contour plots of Vsrg at four different values of lambda of the chiral N3LO 500 and 600 MeV potentials of Entem and Machleidt.
08-Dec-2006 1S0 (550/600 MeV) [png]
3S1 (550/600 MeV) [png]
Horizonal filmstrip contour plots of Vsrg vs. k2 in various partial-wave channels, each at five different values of lambda, starting from the chiral N3LO potentials of Epelbaum et al.

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