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The acceleration of the proton beam takes place in two cyclotrons: the injector cyclotron (2) and the main stage cyclotron (3). Both are isochronous cyclotrons, in which the fringing fields help to focus the beam. They each have the same design except that the main stage has 3 times the linear dimension of the injector. The injector cyclotron has a peak field of 15 kG, an rf frequency of 26 - 35 MHz, and can accelerate the protons to energies between 6 and 12 MeV. The main stage has a peak field of 16.6 kG, a frequency of 24 - 36 MHz, and a proton energy range of between 80 and 200 MeV. For the experiments reported on here, 200 MeV protons were used.

Michael A. Lisa
Tue Apr 1 08:52:10 EST 1997