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Target and Dump Magnet


The targets used in this experiment are listed in table gif.

Table: Targets used in experiments E385 and E387.

The targets of primary interest were the and targets. The was a natural isotope of carbon which is 98.89% . The experimental results for deuterium ( or D) are obtained by performing a cross section weighted subtraction of the result from the results. The , or deuterated polyethylene, had a total of of gold (Au) evaporated on it in order to moderate target heating due to the beam in what is essentially a plastic target. Even with that measure taken the beam current was limited to 150 nA on the targets to keep it from being destroyed.

The other targets served a variety of other purposes. The scintillator was used when tuning the beam to guarantee the protons were centered on the targets. The was used for calibrating the neutron polarimeter which will be discussed further in Chapter gif. The was used for normalization of cross section measurements which were not part of the analysis presented in this dissertation. The various discrete states in are used to calibrate the relative time-of-flight of the neutrons.

The dump magnet shown in figure gif has a vertical magnetic field and is used to sweep away protons which do not interact with the target. The beam is swept into a beam dump which contains a faraday cup. This faraday cup collects and measures the integrated charge from the proton beam so that the total amount of beam hitting the target is known.

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