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Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.


Mark Twain,
as quoted by Rudyard Kipling in
From Sea to Sea

The results of the and measurements in experiments E385 and E387 are presented in five parts. The first section will present the value of the proton beam polarization extracted from the beamline polarimeter data and used to compute the spin-observables The second section will present both the laboratory frame spin observables and the center-of-mass observables, as defined in equations gif to gif, from the data. The deuterium data will also be compared to the results of three-body Faddeev calculations of the type described in section gif. The third section will present similar results for the data. The fourth section will summarize results gathered from data taken in the KSU polarimeter. In the final section the spin observables will be used to calculate the response function ratios as described in section gif, which will be compared to both Faddeev type calculations and Green's function Monte Carlo calculations of the type described in section gif.

Michael A. Lisa
Tue Apr 1 08:52:10 EST 1997