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I would like to thank Dr. Wen Gong for getting the TPC slow simulator into shape enough to begin real work with it. Thanks also to Dr. Dhammika Weerasundara for his thorough study of how the various parts of the ``slow simulation'' chain work together, and how they compare to the fast chain, and for his improvements to the slow chain. Thanks to Dr. Howard Wieman for explanation of all things technical, especially with the slow simulator, and to Dr. Roy Bossingham for warnings of how things will change when more realistic gas properties are implemented in the slow simulator. Finally, thanks to Dr. Iwona Sakrejda for helping me navigate the vagaries of the STAR software system, for technical advice on hitfinding/tracking issues, and for helpful suggestions on the documentation.

Michael A. Lisa
Tue Feb 6 15:49:35 EST 1996