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This program is an enhancement of prb2txt. It converts .prb files to three tab delimited text files where the second column is log10 of the orginal data. The program then also creates an html file custumized to use the graph applet (soon to be posted here as well) for web display of the data. The source code is unfortunately messy because of problems dealing with the strings, and efforts to reuse parts of prb2txt. The source is available, as are the text files used by the program to create the html file. This .p2h files need to be copied to a directory named c:\autoconv (or the source needs to be changed appropriately) in order for the program to work. Alternatively, you can download a pre-compiled Win95 version with the .p2h files. Note that the code issues a "copy" command to the shell, so it will only work on DOS.


This program takes .prb files output from the probestation software and outputs three plain text files which contain just the data in tab delimited files. A precompiled version for DOS/Win95 with source code is available, as is the C++ source code.

Load Only Modifications

OSU found it useful to start the probestation testing program without initializing the instruments when we only want to load previously saved results. Directions for making those modifications are here, as is a copy of the new control panel and its associated header.
Last Modified 4/29/99 by D. Fiske.