KaleidaGuide 1.2:

on the Macintosh

This very sketchy guide is intended to show you how to:

  1. Start the program.
  2. Enter some data: x, y, and s, the error in y.
  3. Calculate a function of the data.
  4. Draw a labeled graph of the data showing the error bars.
  5. Fit the data to a function y = f(x,..mj...) adjusting the constants mj to minimize s2, and obtain the errors in the mj.

For more details of the many things you can do with the program, consult the "Help" menu or (if all else fails) the manual.

  1. To start the program:

  2. To enter, save and print data:

  3. To make a new column which is a function of the other columns:

  4. To plot the data:

  5. To fit the data: