Heat and Thermodynamics

     Typical data for experiment H 03.  Temperature 
     distribution along the copper rod for various 
     times t (in minutes) after application of a
     temperature step function to one end.

H 03: Thermal Conductivity of Metals

A solid metal bar is placed in an insulated box. Boundary conditions are imposed at the ends of the bar by pipes that run hot or cold water into the box. Ten thermocouples are soldered to the bar so you can plot the temperature distribution as a function of time. Compare your results to the solution of the heat equation,

for the boundary conditions you choose.

Optional: Interface the thermocouples to a computer running LabView for automated data acquisition.

     Figure adapted from Shaw & Saunders, 
     American Journal of Physics, Vol 23, No. 2, 
     p 89-90, 1955.