OSU Department of Physics
Physics Education Research Seminar

2006-2007 Academic Year

Fall Quarter 2006

2 Oct
PRB 4138
Lin Ding
North Carolina State University, Physics Department
Validating and using two assessment tools-BEMA and an energy test. (abstract)
9 Oct
PRB 4138
David Pritchard
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Physics Department
The promise and reality of web-based tutoring (abstract)
30 Oct
PRB 4138
Lili Cui
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Physics department
Investigating College Students' Retention and Transfer from Calculus to Physics (abstract)
6 Nov
PRB 1080
Andrew Heckler
Ohio State University, Department of Physics
How Diagrams Help and Hinder Problem Solving (abstract)
13 Nov
PRB 4138
Brett van de Sande
University of Pittsburgh, Learning Research and Development Center
Andes: An intelligent homework helper (abstract)

Winter Quarter 2007

5 Feb
PRB 4138
Eleanor Sayre
University of Maine, Department of Physics
Resource development and justification: Examples from damped harmonic motion (abstract)
12 Feb
PRB 4138
Ian Beatty
University of Massachusetts, Department of Physics
Detrivializing Classroom Response Systems: A theoretical perspective on CRS practice, skill, and research (abstract)
26 Feb
PRB 4138
Spartak Kalita
Kansas State University, Department of Physics
Investigation of students' models of X-rays and the development of related teaching materials (abstract)
5 Mar
PRB 4138
Bijaya Aryal
Kansas State, Department of Physics
Student Use of Physical Models to Transfer Learning: Examples from Positron Emission Tomography (abstract)

Spring Quarter 2007