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Undergraduate Physics at The Ohio State University

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Alternative Physics Courses

This page provides a list of physics courses that can be taken as alternative courses towards an Engineering Physics or Arts & Sciences Physics degree.

Examples of when these courses can be used as a substitution:
  • If an Engineering Physics student takes only 1 quarter of quantum mechanics, then that student will then need to replace 632 and 633 with an alternative course. Note: at least 1 quarter of quantum mechanics (either 631 or H631) is required for all Engineering Physics and Physics majors.
  • A student misses a required course due to study abroad, co-op, or internship conflicts and needs to make up the credit.
  • All substitutions must be approved by Dr. Hughes or Lindsey Thaler

    Physics 294: Nanotechnology (Wi)
    Prerequisite: Physics or Engineering Physics major or permission of instructor

    Physics 570: Optics (Sp)
    Prerequisite: Satisfactory intermediate level courses in physics

    Physics H455: Honors Holography (Wi)
    Prerequisite: Physics or Engineering Physics major or enrollment in an honors program

    Physics 664: Theoretical Mechanics (Sp) (not available as a substitution for Arts & Sciences Option A students).
    Prerequisite: Physics 262 and Math 415 (or 255), and concurrent Math 513 or 551.

    Physics 780:
    Prerequisite: at least Physics 631 (some 780 courses will require Physics 632 or 633 in addition to 631)

    Physics 730: Methods of Theoretical Physics